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Hope Grimes Worship Team 

Worship is a time and space to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit and the power of God’s love. The worship team at Hope Grimes leads our congregation in Spirit-led worship at our weekend services, and our student worship team leads our student ministries in worship.

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Join the Hope Grimes Worship Team!

If you are musically gifted and would like to become part of the Hope Grimes worship team, we would love for you to audition! To start the audition process, contact Pastor Andy Hermanson by clicking below.

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Check out our Worship Team!

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Student Ministry Worship Team

If you are a student involved in student ministry at Hope Grimes, and you would love to serve in sharing your musical talents, join our student ministry worship team! The auditioning process follows the same structure as our regular weekend worship team. Reach out to Andy Hermanson to schedule your audition for the student ministry worship team. 

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