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Getting connected with other believers is important for our own faith and personal relationship with God. God did not create us to do life alone, which is why joining a small group is important to your faith and personal life. Our faith and relationship with Jesus Christ best grow in life groups (Acts 2:42-47). Hope Groups offer a community to grow with, learn from, support and love. We encourage you to get connected in a Hope Group to have a small community of people to go through life’s ups and downs with as you grow in your faith together.   

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What is a Hope Group?

Hope Groups are small groups of 8-12 people from Hope Grimes that meet offsite regularly to connect, grow in Christ-centered relationships, pray, comfort and support one another. 

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Check out our frequently asked questions to learn more about Hope Groups!

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Book Studies

All-church book studies are offered throughout the year for Hope Groups to read and discuss together. Videos and book studies are available for each study and can be accessed at any time! 

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Sermon-Based Study

Hope offers sermon discussion guides for our weekend sermons to help dive deeper into the message with your Hope Groups.  

Online, Self-Paced Classes

Hope provides several online, self-paced classes to complete with your small group or individually. Each study provides discussion guides from pastors to study with your group or as an individual. Browse the online, self-paced classes here!

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